[ANN] Groovy-Eclipse 2.0.2 Released

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[ANN] Groovy-Eclipse 2.0.2 Released

Andrew Eisenberg
The Groovy-Eclipse team is pleased to announce the release of
Groovy-Eclipse 2.0.2.

In this release, we have introduced 3 refactorings: extract method,
extract constant, and extract local variable, we have improved
formatting and indentation support, and we have implemented keyboard
commands for expanding and contracting selections.

You can install Groovy-Eclipse 2.0.2 for Eclipse 3.5 and 3.6
respectively by pointing your Eclipse installation to one of the
following update sites:

For all the details on these new features, see our new and noteworthy:

Thanks to help from the community, we have addressed 90 issues for this release:

As we work towards the 2.1.0 release, you can expect better debug
support as well as end-user customization of the inferencing engine.

The Groovy-Eclipse team

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