[ANN] Groovy-Eclipse 2.5.1.RC1 now available

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[ANN] Groovy-Eclipse 2.5.1.RC1 now available

Andrew Eisenberg
Hi all,

We are gearing up for the the 2.5.1 final release at the end of the
month. And so, we have release candidates available targeting both
Eclipse 3.6 and Eclipse 3.7.

You can find the update sites here:

The most significant changes are in the area of DSL descriptors.  We
now ship Groovy-Eclipse with some standard DSL descriptors for some
common AST transforms and mini-dsls such as Mixins and Swing builder.
We'd appreciate any feedback from anyone who gets a chance to try out
one of these RCs.  We are particularly interested in feedback on the
DSL support.  Please report any problems to one of these mailing lists
or raise a jira:


If no significant problems are found with these builds, they will be
promoted to 2.5.1 final.  Thanks for your help.


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