[ANN] m2e configurator for Groovy-Eclipse

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[ANN] m2e configurator for Groovy-Eclipse

Andrew Eisenberg
Hi all,

It has been a long time coming, due to some issues with git migration
and the codehaus build servers, but we have just released a snapshot
version of an m2e configurator for Groovy-Eclipse.  Those of you who
use Groovy, Eclipse, Maven, and the m2eclipse plugin (maven plugin for
Eclipse) will find this useful.

We have long had a beta version of the configurator, but this version
was incompatible with m2e v1.0.  This new snapshot is now compatible
with the latest version of m2e.

To install, point your eclipse update manager to:
(for eclipse 3.6)

You will see "m2e Configurator for Groovy-Eclipse".  Install this
version.  The entry "Maven integration (optional)" contains the old
version that is not compatible with m2e v1.0.

If you have any problems or questions, please discuss on this mailing
list, or raise a jira:

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