Gradle, Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans

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Gradle, Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans

Russel Winder-3

Looking for some feedback and possibly new information.

Gradle has plugins for creating Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA projects, but
not NetBeans ones, at least I am guessing this is still the case.

The NetBeans Gradle plugin means that a Gradle NetBeans plugin is not
required, and indeed makes NetBeans a good choice for a Gradle managed
project since there are no project files at all.

IntelliJ IDEA seems now to be able to work with Gradle managed projects
without first creating a set of project files. This appears to make the
Gradle IDEA plugin redundant? Or am I missing something?

Eclipse remains the main player in corporate Java use, though NetBeans
and IntelliJ IDEA do have some penetration. For all training courses, it
is generally assumed Eclipse will be used.  I think there being an
Eclipse Gradle plugin is a better idea that using a Gradle Eclipse
plugin – the reason being that then there are no permanent project files
cluttering everything up.  Is anyone working on an Eclipse Gradle

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Re: Gradle, Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans

Andrew Eisenberg
> Is anyone working on an Eclipse Gradle plugin?
Do you mean an Eclipse plugin for Gradle?

The docs are a bit out dated.  There is an easy install if you are
already using STS, or you can install from the update site

When using this plugin, you do not need to publish your .project and
.classpath files into version control.  Gradle-eclipse can regenerate
them for you (although, I always suggest that you do so since
otherwise project-specific preferences cannot be shared).

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Re: Gradle, Eclipse, IDEA and NetBeans

Peter Niederwieser
I always point people to the installation instructions at, which work fine for me.

As to whether the Gradle plugins are obsolete, the answer is no. First, Gradle support in IDEA is still in the early stages (though it's apparently getting much better in 12.1). Second, the Gradle plugins provide a DSL to fine-tune the IDE setup, which is relevant even if you are using an IDE plugin and don't run Gradle's IDE tasks anymore. (I think in some cases it's currently necessary to have Eclipse run the `eclipse` task when importing a Gradle build, but I don't expect this to be necessary in the future.) Third, the Gradle plugins are a safety net for when there is a problem with the IDE plugins. (I remember when back in the days, I was sometimes paralysed for hours because I couldn't get IDEA to sync or reimport my Maven project anymore, and `mvn idea:idea` was no longer maintained.)