Looking for volunteers/victims to try out the dev build...

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Looking for volunteers/victims to try out the dev build...

Andy Clement

In order to try and address a horribly intermittent issue
(GRECLIPSE-633) I put in quite a serious change yesterday to groovy
eclipse.  If you have ever seen a problem some rogue errors saying
your type should implement 'compareTo(somerandomtype)' then this may
address it.  Due to the intermittent nature it is hard for me to
confirm I've addressed it, and the change is quite fundamental so
might affect other scenarios.  If anyone has that problem or would
just like to help us ensure there are no regressions with this change,
please download the latest groovy-eclipse dev builds (for eclipse 3.6)
and try it out.  Please feedback on
http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/GRECLIPSE-633.  The update site for
groovy-eclipse 3.6 builds is:


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