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Aaron Digulla
Am 19.11.2009 16:44, schrieb Adrian Sampaleanu:

> So, if Maven is being used for building the project, this directory is required. We are in the same situation - we would like to have the benefits of the Groovy plugin when in Eclipse, but at the same time we need a working command-line build. Preferably, there should exist a project structure (or documented workflow) that can accommodate both. What could be done, I suppose, is for the Groovy builder (or some component of it) to be made available as a library that GMaven could use.

These two FAQ items of the m2eclipse plugin will be interesting for you:

One explains why generated source folders aren't added to the Eclipse
project's classpath and the other how to separate the build paths of
Eclipse and Maven from the command line.

I've deleted the extra source folder from the .classpath (since the
Groovy plugin for Eclipse can handle this already) and separated the
build paths. This way, both plugins work as expected.


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