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Re: [groovy-user] eclipse plug-in breaks helios

Andrew Eisenberg
It does sound like the plugin was not properly installed for some reason.  There are some things to check:

1. is your Eclipse installed in a read-only directory?
2. Are you behind a firewall?
3. Are there any relevant errors in your error log?
4. When you go to Eclipse -> About Eclipse SDK, and look at installed software, does Groovy-Eclipse come up?
5. In your plugins directory, what version of org.eclipse.jdt.core is installed?

ps- questions like these are better posted on [hidden email]

On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 2:39 PM, Bill Turner <[hidden email]> wrote:

Sorry if this seems a noob question, but I have not found an answer elsewhere
and am not sure what is going on. After installing the groovy eclipse
plug-in, eclipse no longer seems to recognize my projects as being java, nor
do I have the capability of creating a java project. I've been able to
revert, but as I want to show off groovy to my team, this is a bit
embarrassing. I have tried a number of web searches, though have yet to find
any answers.

Bill Turner Groovy / Grails Talk GR8 in the US
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