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Refactoring changes in latest snapshot

Andrew Eisenberg
HI all,

There have been quite a few changes to refactoring support in the
latest snapshot of Groovy-Eclipse.  Old refactoring support has been
removed because it was not performant on larger projects.  In its
place, we have re-implemented refactoring support (so far rename,
pull-up and push-down is available) based directly on JDT refactoring.
 It is more robust and configurable than before.

Please try it out and I welcome any feedback.

Also, our plan is to implement more refactorings.  However, we'd like
some feedback as to which refactorings are most important for you (eg-
extract method, extract variable/field, inline...).
  Please respond here or raise a jira issue if there is a particular
refactoring that you'd like to see.


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