STS 3.1.0 AspectJ check stops Spock test on a Roo project

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STS 3.1.0 AspectJ check stops Spock test on a Roo project

Ken Rimple
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This is maybe new behavior. When I configure and run Spock tests in a Spring Roo project I now am stopped by the IDE. I get:

Error compiling Groovy project. Either the Groovy-JDT patch is not installed or JavaBuilder is not being used.

I'm using Spock primarily for writing tests against Roo add-ons. I've been productive with it. In that type of situation, it's primarily an OSGi project. However, I wanted to add these tests to my Roo objects in a typical project too.

In discussions with a VMware engineer at SpringOne familiar with this issue, apparently the Groovy compiler can have problems executing code against Groovy-enhanced JDK classes. Is this true? Is there a way to expose this option in the Groovy panel so that I can disable it?

Otherwise it seems to work from Maven and IntelliJ. And I know it worked before on STS back in the early summer.

Thanks for any clarification.


Ken Rimple
Chariot Solutions