[WARNING] Git Migration, No Commits!

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[WARNING] Git Migration, No Commits!

Guillaume Laforge-2
Hi all,


A big warning message to ask you all the hold off any commit you may have in your pipeline for now!

Thanks to Matthew McCullough's help, we're in the process of migrating the Groovy SVN repository to Git.
More precisely, we'll be moving "groovy-core".
But since SVN commits are global, any commit outside "groovy-core" also affects the migration.

So please, don't commit anything to the Groovy SVN repository in the coming days.

We'll keep you informed on when the migration is over, and we can come back to normal operations mode, and enjoy the delight of a dvcs!

Thanks a lot for your attention, cooperation and understanding!

Guillaume Laforge
Groovy Project Manager
Head of Groovy Development at SpringSource

Twitter: @glaforge