loss of eclipse perspectives after groovy install

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loss of eclipse perspectives after groovy install

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I installed the groovy eclipse plugin several times and I always end up with a useless eclipse.

Eclipse version: Indigo, 3.7.2
OS Ubuntu 12.04


1. open a java file and an ant build file in eclipse and check that the corresponding editors are working
2. installation of groovy plugin  via update site
3. restart of eclipse after sucessful installation
4. in the still open editor tabs, neither java nor ant files are dsiplayed due to missing editors
5. when trying to open the java perspective, it is no longer available.

I found https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=773132, which recommends to delete the .eclipse directory. However, upon deletion of .eclipse I no longer have the groovy plugin.

Is there a way to get both java and groovy in eclipse 3.7 on ubuntu?

Thanks for any hints,